about ella-jane

Ella-Jane Sharpe is a British-Australian Jazz and R&B singer-songwriter based in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Performance at the Berklee College of Music, and is also studying at the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, under the direction of two-time Grammy Award winning pianist, Danilo Perez. She has performed for various artists such as Kurt Elling, Justin Timberlake, and James Morrison, and has studied with Erana Clarke and Maggie Scott.


With a deep love and appreciation for traditional jazz artists and a passion for modern-day Neo-Soul and R&B, Ella-Jane’s music strives to create a unique artistic expression. Growing up in the U.K and moving at an early age to Sydney, her work is influenced both by her changing environment and surroundings, as well as by those who have influenced her the most. She draws inspiration from those who are nearest to her heart; the driving force behind her original music.


In 2019, together with her producer Emanuel Keller (aka EMAN), Ella-Jane founded SHARP(E): a musical collective designed to perform and showcase her original music. During 2020, SHARP(E) will be performing in multiple venues in Boston and New York City. 

Ella-Jane’s mission for 2020 is to release her original music on all streaming platforms, continue working with those who have influenced her both musically and personally, and to perform across the U.S. and other countries.

Ella-Jane is passionate about using music as a tool to give back to her community. She has started developing outreach programs dedicated to fostering, nurturing and assisting young musicians to reach their full potential. These programs have a large focus on jazz education, and aim to encourage young people to learn the origins of music while giving back to their communities. Placing emphasis on outreach to local communities, the programs will provide a chance for young musicians to travel and educate others on the power of music, while learning, in turn, about the local musical folklore


Rooted in Ella-Jane’s work is the belief that music is a powerful tool that can evoke change in the world and give a voice, a sound and a melody to those who are not able to speak for themselves.